What is Sucks Box?

Soapbox [sōp'bŏks'] n. a platform from which a speaker delivers an informal speech, appeal, or harangue


Sucks [suhks] v . pertaining to that which is totally crappy


Sucks Box

A lot of things suck. Now you've got an interactive platform to answer a single (and, yep, powerful) question: What do you think sucks?

Got an opinion on your boss, significant other, or that jackass politician? Have feelings about global economic Armageddon, that hobgoblin in customer "service", or Hoobastank? Whatever you think sucks, this is the place to unload.

Post your sucks to Facebook and Twitter to share with your friends and followers and see if they agree. Or remain anonymous and just get that crap off your chest.

In either case, your sucks posts don't just get viewed by your online crew, but are publically broadcast to the world via Sucks Box. Think your ex sucks? See who agrees. Get enough in agreement with you, and you might even change the world (or at least your ex).

If your post is particularly humorous, self-deprecating or popular, you can also make it to our TV show, That Sucks. That Sucks combines the best of Sucks Box with highlights of the funniest professional stand-up comedians sharing their observations and commentary on things they think suck.

Sucks posts can be short text submissions (ala Tweets), digital photos, phone-in recordings to our toll-free call-in line, webcam rants or videos. (Ok, ok, the photos and AV stuff is on its way in just a couple of weeks. The text and phone-ins are ready to go). All posts are added to our continuously updated sucksfeed, providing a real-time look at what the world thinks sucks.

Check out what people are saying sucks right now.

Getting started

You can always:

  • share others' sucks posts with your Facebook and Twitter
  • agree with the posts you like and disagree with posts you think, um, suck

But if you take about 10 seconds to register, you can:

  • Submit sucks posts - whether as "you" or anonymously
  • See what people think and say about your sucks posts
  • Depending on how funny or popular your posts are, they can get featured on the Sucks Box homepage, Twitter Feed, or TV show That Sucks. And you'll get credit that what you think sucks sucks the most.

Who made Sucks Box?

Sucks Box was created by Rooftop Comedy. We record live comedy performances 365 nights a year from dozens of comedy clubs around the world. We shine a light on the funniest, most cutting-edge comedians as they discuss just about everything. Including things that royally suck.