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    Spam scammers. Do they think everyone is stupid enough to stomp on a burning bag of shit. I guess they do.

    1549 days ago


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    • Blurredweasel Blurredweasel From Ethiopia? Holy crap. This means the Arc Of The Covenant could be sitting on your coffee table. I could just hear it now. "Cool Arc, where'd yu get it?" "Eh, some Hose-Fart in Ethiopia was giving shit away."
    • Laurie B Laurie B HA! Okay, so I got two this morning from the typical Ethiopian prince dethroned by evil thugs, trying to save the family treasures by sending it overseas. I get a cut for my troubles of course. :P
    • Blurredweasel Blurredweasel Don't worry, I'll have poor little Svetlana crated shipped and delivered UPS. "What can Brown do for you?"
    • Laurie B Laurie B haha! I've started getting some real unique ones lately. One from Svetlana, whose mail ordering spouse has abandoned her and she needs help getting out of Russia. Right.
    • Blurredweasel Blurredweasel And now they're claiming to be the "FBI" and they intercepted the funds transfer that I sent to the bad-guys. All I have to do is send $265 and I'll get back my millions. *roll eyes*
    • Blurredweasel Blurredweasel Reminds me of the millionaire that died in a plane crash and they need you to pose as next of kin to claim the assets and you get a % of it. I guess a whole plane-load of them went down and there's no shortage.
    • Laurie B Laurie B Tell me about it! I get tons of email in my junk mail file from people claiming to have inherited money that they "feel compelled" to just give to me. They just need all my personal and banking information to send it. Pshh!
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